Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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We Are One: A Seminar for the Benefit of Yolanda Survivors

It's been a while since my last post, hasn't it? With the earthquake and aftershocks, YOLANDA happening, most importantly, the water and power shortages we've been having all over Visayas and the trauma we all had to deal with, the past three months have been tough.

When the earthquake hit Bohol, help and support was overwhelming. It felt like the whole world was there for us. Filipinos, most especially Boholanos, from all over the world, immediately found ways to contact the affected and sent help as soon as they could. Private sectors didn't waste any time and immediately dispatched all that they had to help even without the government's support. We were lucky, and things were going back to normal. Until the typhoon hit.

Samar, Ilo-Ilo, Northern Cebu, Biliran Island, Capiz, Leyte, Palawan, Aklan, Antique and all the other places that had to suffer Supertyphoon Yolanda's wrath. These provinces have got it worse. Because of the extent of the damages in the surrounding localities, help couldn't immediately find its way to the places that needed it. I'm sure everyone has already seen the aftermath of the disaster and until now, the people and their lives, still have not gone back to normal.

While working as the IT person in our volunteer organization for both the earthquake and Yolanda victims, I've noticed something. People say
"I can neither do volunteer work nor donate money, so all I can do is pray. "
I'm not saying prayer is a bad thing. It helps a lot, keeps you sane in trying times and it encourages people, helps them move forward and gives them hope. But  by just praying, what do you expect to achieve? That thousands of individually packed relief goods will rain down from the heavens and get to the calamity victims? I doubt it. (but that wouldn't be too bad now wouldn't it?)

While you're online, make a blog! A post! A short video! A status message! Spread the word by sharing content and announcements from relief centers and so much more! Everyone now can be and is a social media influencer. How can you expect change when no one knows about what you want to happen? By simply sharing your thoughts on what is happening and what can happen, you help a great deal. Confidence in being able to express who you are and how you feel will not only help you grow but will also let other people know of your views, beliefs and ideas and share that in their networks and open opportunities and projects that can benefit your community.

During We Are One's Session 4: The Selfie Journey, join Janette Toral as she discusses how our generation today can connect and engage online.

We Are One is a series of Benefit Seminars to raise funds for our kabayans affected by typhoon Yolanda. Here's their facebook fanpage and their website for the details.


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