Thursday, February 13, 2014

No really, how is he? I want live info on how he's doing right now, seriously, where can I get it?

Michael Christian Martinez, the first and so far, the only Filipino contender in the Winter Olympics. He is skating tonight to get the Philippines in one of the final 24 slots in the Winter Olympics which end on February 23, 2014

He's won ice skating competitions in Hong Kong, Singapore and Romania and has won numerous gold honors.

And get this, he has NO support from the government. NOTHING.

Michael Christian Martinez with Janelle So in Kabayan Today

The video was taken on Nov 2013 so I'm not sure about what's happening now (except that his family had to mortgage their home to pay for everything) but he has to continually spend for his skates, blades, coaches, rinks and not to mention living expenses that are all in DOLLARS.

Let's help our kabayan in any way we can like spreading the word about his story and dreams. WE COULD WIN GOLD IN THE WINTER OLYMPICS


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