Saturday, May 24, 2014

Inspiration comes from a lot of things. From experiences, people, things that you like or dislike, or sometimes even from nothing. It just, happens. I'm still waiting for that happen to happen like a lot of you out there so while you wait, like I said in a paragraph somewhere in another blog post, get out there. Reach out to people that you admire, talk to them, attend events, don't make waiting for that happen boring, use that time to help make that happen happen!

I can't say this is fool proof though as I am attending these events and whatnot. The happen has't happened for me yet, after all. But just hear me out. The stuff I've learned and the opportunities that I've been presented with at a, let's say, two-day event, were WAY better than a whole semester of school.

You may think yeah, that's pretty far fetched and yeah, it was just the excitement that got to me but think about it, does school really teach you about things that matter? Writing an email, for example, might not sound so daunting but if students are put in the position to write one to, let's say, a company or a professor they admire, they usually write a freaking essay! When simply talking to people that matter, school teaches you about posture, diction, grammar, but when put in the real situation, can school teach you how to bring it? School doesn't teach you how to be comfortable while your applying all these theories they shove into your brain that you may or may not use in real life. The situation may be different in other institutions of course, these are just what I observed in my school and curriculum.

Being a part of an Asian family, earning a diploma after college is considered one of the greatest honors you can give to your parents. Other than being a doctor or lawyer. I'm not kidding. So yeah, I'm here, stuck at school in my fourth and hopefully last year, dealing with all these "programs" but I did my best to incorporate new things and reach out. And even if you're done with school, mind you, if you just sit there at home in your dark room in front of the computer doing god knows what all the time and you didn't go out to meet other professionals and share, do you think you'll continue learning and growing?

I'll definitely miss my schooling years when I'm done with it and maybe my mindset will change once I've graduated but, as far as helping make that happen happen goes, reach out, talk to people, do new things and eventually, it'll happen.


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