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Overview of GDays Mandaue here.

GDays Mandaue 2014: How Social Media can affect your Business by Fleire Castro 

What made me enjoy ma'am Fleire Castro's segment of the event was that she presented her inputs, thoughts and advice in situations where the audience can clearly relate or empathize with as if they were in her shoes. 
" Try to mention other things then pitch your own brand."
As the story goes, ma'am Fleire was in Manila and was looking for a nearby cafe in the area. She posted her problem in Facebook and, to her surprise, she received several responses for her friends. Most were simply suggestions of which cafe her friends have personally tried but there was this one comment she highlighted during the presentation. It went something like "There's Cafe X, Cafe Y and Cafe Z just around the corner. But if you're willing to take this extra route, you'll come across Cafe A"

Now, despite us doing it subconsciously, we are given the impression that the last suggestion is probably the best, so you are more compelled to try that suggestion out first. She later on discovered that the person who commented that suggestion was actually the owner of "Cafe A". This, according to her, was a great marketing technique. By scouring posts in social media that relate to the field of your business or any topic relating to it, you come across possible customers and/or opportunities. The owner's tactic of "leaving the best for last" and not shoving the thought of "GO TO MY SHOP" down the possible customer's throat, was a great example of social media marketing.

Social Networks where most businesses set up accounts are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (with it, all other networks of Google such as YouTube), Instagram and LinkedIn.

Using Social Media to spread news is now commonly done by YOU, the users and now, the major news channels as well. They set up Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts and even receive footage from viewers/witnesses on site through social media . That power being said, ma'am Fleire reached out to those frequent on the web to, during a time of crisis in any area, help those affected. I also experienced this during the 7.2 earthquake in my area. Many of those I know that are capable in the city weren't allowed to step foot outside their home even two weeks after the major quake, me included. The city wasn't as affected as those towns near the epicenter so I looked for a way to help. Power wasn't out until Yolanda and so I became tech support to various non-government relief groups. That was the first time I had used Facebook to actually DO something useful. We reached out to other people, contacted our friends outside of the country and those within who were willing to help. We delivered truckloads (and even an airplane) of water, food and other essentials to the affected within three weeks all because of social media.

If you cannot go out and help them yourself, you can let other people, who can, know. Leave a Like or better yet a Share, to boosted posts or announcements, list of areas affected or what the people need and so on. As long as you have internet and at least a smartphone, you CAN make a difference.
"Social media is empowering."
TIP: 80% of your business' social media posts should be topics you believe in/ advocate in. Sales pitches and calls to action should only be 20%

Another story from her segment that I really appreciated in was her "lost but apparently stolen island souvenirs shirt"

The summary is, she lost her customized Island Souvenir shirt that was part of a family set, found the culprit, couldn't get it back and upon hearing of her distress through social media, Island Souvenirs brought her a new one exactly like it! Full story in her blog here.

Ma'am Fleire with her new customized Island Souvenir shirt

Paying close attention to how your customers see your business, your service, products or generally what they feel about you and what they do with your services, will definitely payoff with their satisfaction and brand loyalty. It'll make them want to go back, appreciate your brand and recommend you to their peers which is the best type of advertising any business could have, in my opinion.

To close this post, here are Three Things you can start doing on Social Media by Fleire Castro, owner of Third Team Media:
  1.  Verbalize gratitude for your customers
  2.  Invite Advocates to explore your products
  3.  Offer gifts so your customer can "finish their stories"


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