Sunday, October 5, 2014

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Inspired by my research on Bitcoin miners in my last post, I decided to give Bitcoin a shot myself. I used the complimentary Prepaid Bitcoin card given as a freebie for Geeks On A Beach 2 participants and wanted to use those Bitcoins for ChangeTip, as they went hand-in-hand discussing Bitcoin and it's concept in one of the breakout sessions at Geeks On A Beach.

Navigating through the site, I managed to log in and cash in my prepaid cards. The site itself wasn't difficult to navigate at all and was admittedly very eye-candy. ChangeTip was similar. It surprised me since most of the sites I've visited in the past that had something to do with finances or formal transactions looked extremely boring and difficult to understand and navigate.

I decided to do an experiment with's Buy Load service where i purchased PHP 25 for my SUN Cellular account. Funny thing was, after the transactionw as done, the system said "You should receive your load in 5-10 minutes" but it didn't. I thought there was some type of bug or the format I typed my cell number in was wrong. So the next day I did the same transaction again but this time, true enough, I received an SMS saying I received the load I bought with Bitcoin twice.

The transaction I made the other night just needed some time to process, is all. That's for being impatient. Now I ended up spending twice what I initially intended to pay. Uplifted by the fact that I now had a pretty good idea  how the thing works, I decided to move on to ChangeTip. This was where I spent a good hour dumbly looking through it's pages and links trying to find the "merge with wallet" button, as I attempted to send a tip but was denied do the lack of funds.

For those of you who want to check Bitcoin out, ChangeTip's concept of sending a virtual but at the same time very real tip to an organization or individual you support is a great way to get Bitcoin's concept (people buy real estate with Bitcoin, apparently).

Following this tutorial on setting up your ChangeTip Wallet, the next thing you need to do to send Bitcoin from your wallet is to simply hit the "Send Bitcoin button" in the dashboard.

Send Bitcoin

A window will pop up and prompt you to enter the address you want to send the Bitcoin. Simply copy-paste the wallet address under the QR code in ChangeTip as stated in the tutorial above. And viola! You now have Bitcoins to tip anyone you support. It took me an hour and many Google searching to figure that out, despite it being too painfully obvious so for those of you who're stuck, don't let that stop you from trying the Bitcoin experience. If you have any problems that good ol' Google can't answer for you, I commend the very kind support team who are always there for you. Take note though works best if you're in Thailand or the Philippines.

It's fast, convenient and safe so why not give Bitcoin a try? You want in on the future of finance, don't you?


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    1. Thanks so much, Mark! I'm glad I helped :)


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