Sunday, July 5, 2015

Win an iPhone 6 with Yamba!

win iphone 6

That's right: WIN an iPhone 6!!

Yamba is a European social networking startup that aims to rid your feed of the internet's noise and serve you content you care about. Yamba was founded some time in 2009 but has just recently founded it's Philippine market.

win an iphone 6

Yamba makes use of the hashtag and follow mechanisms that filters content according to what you love. Think Facebook + Instagram!

I personally think Tumblr would be a good competitor for their brand as UX is king in these types of platforms. Considering they are still toying with their design, finding out what works and what doesn't, and tapping communities to help make their vision a reality, Yamba appears to be a good contender for the social media landscape. I especially like their move of connecting with local blogging communities as they (we) are exactly the type of market they are serving.

Currently, they have the web and iOS platform up. You can see your feed and upload content using either of these platforms.

To qualify for the contest, see details below:

win an iphone 6

To join the beta testers list, simply go to and fill out the sign up form! Form is only open from June 30 - July 5, 12mn. There will be no extensions.

This is exclusive only to the users who sign up before July 5, 12 mn!

On July 6 - 20, the beta testers can play around the site - post, comment, share. The following people will get to win the prize:

  • First winner is the one who has the most views post in
  • Second winner is the one who has the most followers by the end of the test.
  • Third winner is the one who uploaded the most number of post (photos, links, quotes, texts, etc).

They'll send an evaluation form to all beta testers on July 20, to mark the end of the testing period.

All winners are rewarded with an iPhone6 and will be announced through Yamba on July 25, 2015. Winners can only claim their prizes IN PERSON.

So sign up today, invite your friends to sign up and follow you, and make sure you’re online from July 6 - 17 to post, post, & post and WIN an iphone 6!


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