Friday, October 30, 2015

Thanks from me to all 30 of you

WARNING: Profanities and unprofessional references galore in this blogpost. Read... if you dare!

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Tagged by zuprome from as a part of Cebu Blogging Community's 30-day challenge! Tagged bloggers were asked to blog about 30 things they're grateful for; be it related to their blog niche or something different entirely.

I'm not going to go as far as to elaborate my gratitude for my family, friends, and my faith because that's a given for any human being no matter how they perceive these titles. Instead I'm going to talk about, like everything else in this blog, the people and organizations that have been monumental in building my ambition for both myself and the communities that I care deeply about.

First off, without any biases whatsoever *cough* *cough* is the Cebu Blogging Community. More specifically Ruben, Bjorn, Chanel, and some of the very first of it's members that blindly welcomed me into their fold. I saw them around in events from time to time back then and they'd always make a point to say hi to me despite being just acquaintances. I'm really happy to say that they were one of the first people from Cebu that I felt really at home with and they somehow made me feel like I belonged to their quirky family despite being 99km away most of the time. 

I was just a air-headed undergrad when they first met me through Dalareich, an inspiring young woman-entrepreneur who was a source of a lot of empowerment for me as someone who sort of thought of themselves as someone different. She is a fierce young woman who had (and is still) gone through so much struggle to get to where she is today. A mentor and a wonderful friend, I owe a lot to Dal for giving this fat Asian kid a chance at working with her. Late-night coffee runs here in Cebu with her are always some unforgettable moments.

Now that we're talking about woman-entrepreneurs though, I bet you guys have heard this name all over my blog: Tina Amper. That's right, the legend herself (lol pls don't slap me miss). If I'm a Jedi youngling, she's probably the Jedi Master of all Jedi Masters. It was thanks to her that I was introduced to the family and the Startup Weekend community: the next two things on my to-thanks list. 

I've met so many inspiring (and not so inspiring yet still interesting to take note of) people that have really helped shape my views on myself, the country, and what the future holds for people like us. Pip and Dulce, two wonderful people that I have also thought of as my mentors are wonderful people that I had the honor of meeting alongside everyone I'm about to mention in this list all thanks to those two core communities. You can't even believe how much a thriving community gives back to you if you just take time tor each out.

The best opportunity I probably got out of committing to these organizations is probably getting the chance to work with Dave and Albert at Symph, the company I currently work for. I learned so much even just during my internship and reuniting with friends I didn't know who also worked at Symph like Francis and Lawrence. Now that I'm working with them, I feel like there's still so much for me to prove; that it's important to set expectations, get over unnecessary hindrances, and just start doing it. I guess maturing and growing even just a little bit everyday with this awesome company and equally just as awesome people, makes my stomach flip at how lucky I am for being here.

Mentioning the CebuXD community on this one too as they were one of the groups that I met thanks to the Techtalks family. Cheers to Edzel and Dan for inviting me and bringing me along despite being a total noob and for trusting me enough to work with them in project I haven't even tried before (shoutout to you, Dan! Thanks! :D) . To Chester, Cecille, and Carl who have warmly welcomed me to the CebuXD Board of Directors despite being absent on occasion during meetups (I'm sorry!) and for aiming to create something better for designers and artists in the local scene.

Relationships that have been built in Bohol though are still irreplaceable to me. Being with the Bohol ICT Council with Ben, Jay, ms Lai, sir Jerome, and all it's members has had a huge impact on my opinions about my hometown. I used to hate how it lacked so much infrastructure, that it didn't have as many fancy events as Cebu or that the community there wasn't strong at all: working with them proved how wrong I was. Bohol has talent, potential, and resources; it's only a matter of harnessing it, creating the right opportunities and drawing out the right kind of people. If I have the BiCTC behind my back I truly believe we have a chance at growing the Boholanos and giving them the opportunities they deserve. It's only a matter of building the right team and resources to start it all (zing to Symph team speeches).

And of course who could forget the organization that started it all for me. The Web Developer's Guild is a small organization founded by sir Brian, my college teacher, and a few of his collegues to promote a support network of sorts for students and professionals from Bohol that wanted to grow in the tech scene. This organizations started it all for me and helped lead me to the path I'm on today and for that I'm very grateful. Vhince, Clint, and my college friends - those that have pushed me to be better than the me I was yesterday, and my AniMatiCs crew, Ralph, Steven, Jeric, Kayeshen, who helped me fight for the things worth fighting for (free use of the school lab for seminars, yo!) and all the sappy cheesy lines I can add on here to make this post a little bit longer to reach the 1000 word cap, a huge-ass THANK YOU and that you people DESERVE SO MUCH MORE and I really hope that your faces are BLESSED AF because you are all beautiful people and I am so unprofessional in this paragraph but I don't care because I love you and you're awesome and I think I passed the word cap and then some so I think it's time to do the mike drop! Ashley out! Peace!


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