Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Blogging: An Unexpected Decision

I never thought I'd start blogging. Well not blogging blogging, but blogging about myself and about things I personally find interesting. Maybe write editorials or other articles on business, religion and other topics (which I might add, are interesting in their own right) but never anything personal.

I guess it's my unnecessary aversion to vanity. Growing up, I've feared girls and have surrounded myself with a close group of guy friends. I'm not saying I totally avoid all contact with the people of the same gender as me but I grow weary when the "girly-girls" are around. The drama is too much for me to handle, I suppose (why make life so complicated?). After duckface, hashtag (the overuse of it anyway), self-shots and the like surfaced, my wariness grew. But we'll get deeper into this topic sooner or later.

It's funny 'cuz it's true


Starting up a blog is totally unplanned and hopefully I'll learn a thing or two about the topics I'm interested in. The internet is an endless well of knowledge and unique individuals, after all. I'm looking forward to learn from you lot! Cheers!


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