Sunday, May 26, 2013

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My Favorite Photographer the ONE... the ONLY... VHINCE BENDEICT CHIU!!! *crowd cheers*

Name's not familiar? No? Okay. Well he isn't anything big in the industry right now but he soon will be! I can feel it.

In all seriousness, he's a talented professional photographer-to-be, already taking some jobs and is quite popular around our little city, and a great friend I'm quite privileged to have.

vhince chiu

EDIT (Feb. 2015)

Wow, this post has been around a while. I cringe at how cheery I was when I first started writing but then again, I don't really have the heart to edit any of it. Serves as a good reminder, I guess.

This post also goes to show how long my friendship with my photographer friend has been and I'm still proud to say that I still look up to him both as a friend and a budding talent.

Anywho, as a more deserving update, here is a link to his Flikr Photostream, finally, and a cheer to many more future successes for both him and the people that he inspires.


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