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Bohol Blog@Talk Seminar-Workshop 2013

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Since this blog is all about stuff that inspired me, then it would be most fitting to make this one of my first few posts.

The Bohol Blogger's Society Soft Launch at the Blog@Talk Seminar-Workshop was held on May 24, 2013 at Arabelle Suites, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and was the last kick in the butt to get me started on my own blog. I've pondered on it before but I've never really envisioned myself doing it. All because of the typical reasons of no time, too much effort and so on and so on but after listening to all the speakers and learning about the things I could gain (mentally and monetarily) and to make a venue for my own self-improvement, then I thought: 'Heck, why not.' I'm old enough...-ish... I've got some experience in the world I'd like to step into once I'm a professional and inspiration comes and goes so it wouldn't hurt to document it, right?

I had the pleasure of working with the Society's founder/president/chairman Dalerich Polot and listed myself in as one of the core members. I designed a few advertising tarps for her and supposedly a t-shirt design which was called off due to time constraints all for free.

I know what all you designers out there are thinking and I agree with you. 
Your art should not be given away for free.
But in this case, the pros outweigh the cons and so, here I am.

There were two speakers who really peaked my interest. Mr. Albert Balbutin, who helped make up my mind to write a personal blog (i.e. this one), and Mr. Bjorn Bernales, who gave me a rough shove towards furnishing our business blog (which I will share with you at another time)

They emphasized the difference and similarities of a business blog and a personal blog for me and showed me that content written online actually matters (depending on a lot of things but you get my point) and you can actually help change something with such exposure.

The event was attended by mostly professionals from the business sector and government sector. There were also student participants from and Dalerich's OJTs from B.I.S.U. College. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time (especially during Ms. Abby's performance) and learned a lot from our speakers.

Internet wasn't very cooperative, though, as the venue's connection wasn't very strong. That setback made the seminar-workshop just a seminar since we couldn't really put up a blog without internet. Some participants also got quite sleepy during the holy hours of 1-3pm due to, what we Filipinos call it, siesta time. Especially since it was right after lunch which, by the way, looked and tasted delicious. I'm no food specialist so I can't really say what the dish was called but it had rice, two barbecue sticks of chicken, and two pieces of fried fish strips. I think the sauce was some kind of herb paste? I'm not sure. Still tasted delicious.

Anyway, some topics were a bit too technical for some participants, as some looked confused when they started mentioning S.E.O. and when they started talking about web crawlers and links affecting blogs among other things, so I can understand their lack of enthusiasm for it but nevertheless, the seminar was a success and was highly educational. It would have been better I guess if the crowd was more responsive. Then again, many professionals here in Bohol aren't used to all the tech stuff being incorporated in their businesses or the government systems. I guess that's another area we could help improve in the future, hopefully.

The Speakers


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