Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Startup Weekend Cebu 3

ashley uy

The event was AMAZING! Just as awesome as last year. Yes, people, this is my second SWC and that empowering feeling you get when you try something new? Yeah? Well IT DOESN'T GO AWAY in these events. The more you attend, the more you learn and the more inspired and confident you get about your own technical and people skills.

I've learned so much in both and I hope more people from Bohol, my province, will go on over to Cebu to try something like Startup Weekend. You meet friends, work with a team and learn so much! It is an opportunity wasted if you miss it.

Startup Weekend Cebu was held in Cebu City at the University of San Carlos, Mandaue Campus from June 7-9, 2013.


Ralph, my schoolmate who is a year above me, Clint, my classmate/friend/business partner, and Ben, Techtalks.ph-Bohol's Adviser, and I traveled to Cebu just for that event. Sir Ben and Ralph had to cut their visit short, though, due to emergencies. Here's a video to document our awesome experience!

I'll be updating this post to show my detailed accounts from Day1-3 of the event. Stay tuned!

Day 1
Days 2 & 3

P.S. sorry for the bad camera work. I'm not a very good camerawoman T^T


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