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Startup Weekend Cebu 3: Days 2 & 3

Overview of the eventhere.
Day 1 of the eventhere.

Ugh! It took me too long to update this series. Life and Writer's block took me, I'm sorry.  But anyway, enough with the excuses. On with the post!

When Day 2 started, work was immediately distributed in the team. There were people for the Design, Marketing and Research. And of course, the Presentation for Sunday night. Sir Nielson and I started on the app's interface, logo and website while everybody else started their research and validations. Like all the other teams we had HUGE road blocks. The mentors helped us out but most of the time, they provided more questions than answers (this fact is sometimes shared between SWC Alumni as an inside joke). We were privileged enough to have Ruben, Kahlil and Mike as the coaches that we got to talk to for the event. The team wanted to work further into the night since Day 3 was fast approaching and we still had a lot to do. I personally didn't have to go along with them since my work was purely design but every one else went over to Diamond Suites (they ended up overstaying their welcome at Ayala haha) to finish up along with some other teams (some got to stay at ClickingLabs).

And just to add drama into the whole experience, Joie accidentally knocked over my laptop making the screen lay open flat on the ground effectively shutting it off on the evening of Day 2!!! It had all the files for the presentation the data from the research and the graphics needed for the interface! dun dun duuuuuun!

Luckily we had Adrian and Pablo in the team. They took it upon themselves to fix my laptop and retrieve the files. I'm crap at anything and everything hardware so I don't really know what they did. I saw them hit it aggressively a few times (which is something that I would normally do) but other than that.. well.. as long as my laptop still works, I'm good with anything.

Day 3 came a long and it was the day of the Presentation. Nerves were there, final touches were set, curses were thrown and even more prayers were offered. We got to unwind and enjoy the calm before the storm with some of the BloodMatch team members in the morning but everything after that was just a rush and a blur.

Then comes the Presentation:

We start at 1:44:28

I may be biased when I say, "we did an awesome job and sure am proud of it", but I'll go ahead and say: we did an awesome job and sure am proud of it. One of the coaches even said we should have been the first place winners!! It's up to you if whether or not our presentation lived up to that statement but I can confidently say we did a good job and everything was worth it. Naressa did great and I'd have her as my C.E.O again anyday. 

As promised in my Startup Weekend: Day 1 post, I hereby present the Pa.Order(sing it like Parokya ni Edgar's Ordertaker) team:

From left to right we have

Neilson Navarette: the lead Designer of the team. He and sir Gerson joined the team on Day 2 mid-morning since their initial idea, BillOut, didn't have enough members to qualify. I learned so much while  under his tutelage and he's also very fun to work with. Always calm, level-headed and full of surprises, he was my role model during the event.

Centvie Joie F. Albeos & Adrian Villarin: Remember them from my first post? Adrian was practically adopted into the team since he and Joie were counted as one member. Adrian and Pablo had this sort of pseudo-rivalry thing going on as they both tried fixing my laptop haha. Joie was the "face the clients" girl of the team. When it came down to customer validation, Joie was there for the job.

Alan Kilantang: I had no idea he was Naressa, Roxenne and Pablo's teacher when we first met. With a big smile and go-to personality, he really boosted up the team's enthusiasm and worked extra hard when our spirits were down.

Pablo Gonzales Cruz: The aformentioned pseudo-rival of Adrian when it came to anything hardware. To me, he was most definitely the comic-relief of the team. His smile is really infectious and he had this leader aura along with Naressa and Roxenne when we first got together as a team that really helped in the long-run.

Mark Lauron Verallo: One of the later members who joined the team. He was very quiet, at least to me haha he worked with the marketing dept. of the team.

Roxenne Lourdes Rosario & 
Naressa Saripada: The right-hand-woman and C.E.O. of the team. Driven, determined and ready to learn, I couldn't have asked for better leaders.

me: Because I'm awesome. 'Nuff said.

skip that one haha peace Giovanni! He's a member of Clint's team and one of the event's love team with Naressa. He isn't really part of Pa.Order. He's just there for the picture haha 

Gerson Boston & the missus: He was automatically the head of the Marketing dept. of the team when he and sir Nielson joinced. His experience and insights were invaluable in our research and presentation. He definitely knew his stuff and I learned a lot from him.

We enjoyed the After-Party, hosted by Synacy (wooohoo thank you, Synacy!!), Pablo got partially drunk and started talking in a really loud voice, Naressa found her SWC3 soulmate, Alan was dismayed because a pretty little asian girl couldn't make it and I was pretty much giddy because I drank a few drinks, got to eat lots of food and another reason many other normal teenagers may relate to.*wink* All in all it was BLAST.

And there you have it! My whole SWC3 experience! 
Pa.Order(sing it like Parokya ni Edgar's Ordertaker), hope to work with you guys again soon!


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