Monday, July 15, 2013

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CODETOKI: Challenge Accepted!

Codetoki , an awesome platform for students to learn Ruby (and them being SWC1 third placers) , visited us at the Holy Name University Dampas Campus last July 13, 2013 and was the half-day seminar-workshop awesome. We got to learn a thing or two about the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines, a little bit of Ruby programming and got the opportunity to win a few prizes!


They were there for the whole day, the morning being a session with the 3rd years and the afternoon being a session with the 4th years. Miss Honee and Sir Ademar were really fun to talk to and explained everything fully and clearly. They encouraged questions and jammed with us when we were just being us.

They also gave us challenges, which are open to all, by the way, to check out. They're an awesome way to start learning Ruby complete with badges, reference links and rewards (they're local, too, which is a great plus)! Check Codetoki out now at:

I solved a challenge! 


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