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Startup Weekend Cebu 3: Day 1

Overview of the eventhere.

It being my second time, one would think the nerves won't be as hard on me. WRONG! I still felt the anxiety, nervousness and enthusiasm all at once! It was just as bad as last year.

I had to sit alone after I registered for Clint, who wanted me to wait for him (5pm traffic made him late). I guess the advantage of being left alone was that I got to make new friends (like Francis) with the other early birds and see familiar faces from the previous SWC.

I also met some of the current organizers as I met up with ma'am Tina. There was Corn and sir Keith. Corn had this crazy idea he wanted to pitch but couldn't "because he was an organizer" (psh. yeah right lol) so he wanted me to do it for him. 'NO WAY!' was my immediate answer. It was his idea and I pitched last year! But the inner me wanted to... oh yes it did. So I thought about it while I continued waiting for Clint.

startupweekend cebu
photo ©  Synacy Facebook Page
There's Francis. Guy on the far right. gosh I'm dark now

Clint finally arrived and we stalked over to where dinner was served (incredibly yummy food by the way. have to thank whoever sponsored that). Most of the tables were full so me and him had a rough time looking for a spot. I knew some people but they were organizers and I didn't want to impose so Clint and I sat in a table with one other occupant: Joie.

We talked and apparently it was her first SWC. She attended in place of her boyfriend, Adrian. Who was a participant last year but couldn't make it this year. 

Finally, the event started (and Ralph arrived late, as always) and the facilitator, Mr. Lee, did an overview of the event and a little SW history for the first-timers and shared a few tips on pitching. 

I did horribly when I pitched :'( Yeah. the inner me won and I ended up pitching the Fontastic! (name coined by sir Keith) idea: a mobile app that detects what kind of font the text you've taken a picture of is.

I was so nervous that I forgot to mention the "who do you need" part of the pitch (I'll have another post about pitching soon) and said through the mike "I don't know" when Dave, who was helping facilitate, asked me about it. Ooooooooh that was so embarrassing especially when he gave that disapproving shake of his head (or not. I don't know. That was my interpretation) . But at least I managed to pitch and contribute something to the event. A not so new lesson learned.

Fun Fact:
Fontastic! actually got 7 or so votes!(minimum votes for workable projects during the event) It still got dropped out, though.

While wandering around the room looking for teams, I met Nikki. One of the organizers that apparently wrote this article of me for SWC3 (thank you, Kris for telling me :D).

I wanted to join either ZBOX or Investo Ed Game but I didn't think the former needed a Designer and the latter had too many.

After being separated from my boys, Clint and Ralph, I ended up with the insisting team (an idea that was dropped out but enough people still want to work on it) whose pitch was so similar to the idea I joined last year: Pa.Oder.

All of them were first-timers and guess what? Remember that girl we befriended during dinner? Joie? We ended up being team mates!

They were all so eager and seemed to have this enthusiasm that I liked so .. why not? I joined the team and man did I have a great time with them.

I'll introduce you to them in the next post! Stay updated!


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