Thursday, January 16, 2014

A few weeks after the Oct 15, 2013 7.2 Bohol Quake, me and my friends got together to try and raise funds to support the relief effort.
Our idea was to print shirts (that tarsier shirt as seen below) and donate all the profit to the Bangon Bohol Relief Drive and guess what? We've donated more than 100,000 php and helped rebuild HOMES for the affected. 
"Simpleng estudyante lang mi nga ang gusto lang unta mka tabang sa mga na apektohan ug maayu sa linog. Nakahuna huna lang ug ideya nga mag baligya ug t-shirt para mka para mka donate. Maski ginagmay lang gud basta mka tabang! Pero wa mi ga dahum nga ma ing.ani ang tanan! Di lang dy mi ani kutob."

We're just simple students that want to help the heavily affected by the quake. We thought of an idea to sell shirts so we can raise money for donation. Even a little bit would be enough as long as we could help.

We couldn't dream that we'd get this far. We though we were at our limit, but we were wrong.

After YOLANDA happened, things changed here in Bohol. Granted, the situation in Leyte was way more dire than ours but we still needed continuing support that greatly lessened after the super typhoon. People still live in tents and with the LPAs and cold weather, not to mention the absence of normalcy in their lives, the affected still greatly need our help.

Help Little Tarsi was recognized during the Bohol Young Leaders Empowerment Forum as part of the iTransform Campaign. They not only recognized our achievements but also the effort we gave to get that far. Many credits to our leader and core members. Help Little Tarsi is now partnering with the BYLEF for a new project: Bohol YES We Can!

With your support, We can make a change. We can make a difference. We couldn't have done it without everyone's heart and effort and most especially to the Almighty God. Thanks so much for the experience and opportunities! More details soon!!

-Help Little Tarsi Team-
Vhince Chiu, Mae Ann Apale, Thea Paras, Clint Bustrillos(designer), Ray-an Kudemus, Vane Malate, Me


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