Sunday, April 27, 2014

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New Dorks

Right after finals is a Holy Name University 4th Year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student's time to hunt. For bodies. I'm just kidding. 

It's On-the-Job Training time for my batch mates and I and right after exams, none seemed to feel that hopeful. You'll be all "Oh it's going to be fine, this'll be a piece of cake" on the first week of April to "Oh my god, I'm going to die alone and be forced to eat off my own corpse" by the last.

It's this time that get students shoved into a rough example of the real world and, undoubtedly, the time most students in the younger years look forward to. Until you're actually there, of course. You have to fill out papers, do interviews, spew lies about your self and things that you think you can do and then ultimately eat your own words when the company asks you to actually DO the things you said you could. Yeah. Not pretty. 

I had to go through my own fair share of self-doubt after seeing all my classmates file in for interviews in the companies they're applying in. Am I good enough? Will someone even have me? Practically the same experience I had the night before attending my first StartupWeekend.

My friend Clint (an awesome illustrator, check him out with the link attached) and I made plans and decided to try our luck at Cebu. An awesome company called Nerubia (great pipz there, check them out, really supportive of the local startup scen)e wanted to meet with me so I decided, why not?

We actually planned the date a day before our StartupWeekend Bohol and StartupWeekend Cebu Press Launch Event, which I will be talking about in a separate post.

Anyways, like idiots, we had no idea what to prepare, brought no papers, portfolios, certificates, nothing! I event forgot to bring my own valid ID that I realized I needed to use to get into a corporate building.

I.T. Park was the most obvious place for I.T. students to start Internship-hunting so we milled about there for most of the morning, figuring out where exactly we were. And damn prices were high! Bottled water costs P25.00. P25.00! I could buy a whole meal of that here! 

I'm just exaggerating but you get what I mean. I bet there are lower-priced food stalls near the area somewhere but it gets a student thinking of the high life you could be living if you ever landed a spot in one of the offices there. Jollibee for life. Yum.

Afternoon finally arrived and I finally had the guts to "Call A Friend" to help me answer the million-dollar question of: What brave soul could give sanctuary for 6 months to two wannabe I.T. dorks with no explicit knowledge on any necessary real skill? Because let's face it. When have you ever used anything you learned at school in real life? (Hm, that should have been the million-dollar question)

Paola, being an angel that she is, led us like Moses did for the Israelites to the Promised Land that is the office in the 6th floor of the B.F. Building at Escario Street. Albert and Dave greeted us with huge smiles despite our surprise visit which made me feel loads better but the natural feeling of doubt still lingered as we explained to them our situation (and Clint looking all constipated beside me didn't help my rambling at all).

And then just like that. Poof! We got in. No fuss, no papers just a "Sure! You're in!". I can't even explain how I felt at the exact moment, words never being one of my strong points, so here is my extremely dorky reaction on the B.F Building, Escario St. Rooftop to end this blog post. Office B.F. Building, Escario St, Cebu Office B.F Building, Escario St., Cebu City

Kudos you guys and ALL HAIL THE STARTUP COMMUNITY (it was all thanks to our involvement with them that we got this opportunity, thanks so much you guys!)


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