Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Startup Weekend Bohol this May 23-25, 2014!

Yes you heard that right! Global startup event, StartupWeekend, is coming to Bohol this May 23-25, 2014 at the University of Bohol, organized and co-organized by, DOST-ICTO, BiCTC, supported by the Province of Bohol.

We've been busy since January (which also contributed to my list of reasons why haven't updated) so come on over and REGISTER NOW for the best weekend of your life! 

If you've been reading through my blog posts you'd notice I've already had my own experiences in a StartupWeekend and this event will be my first shot at organizing one.

What exactly is a StartupWeekend you ask? (You can check the SW FAQ for a more detailed answer but my take on that question is) It's a weekend where you get to meet new people that nerd out about the same things you do, where you get to work on something unique and learn about something new, where you can find a pool of opportunities for the goals that you set for yourself and where you can get a heck of a lot of free stuff like food and shirts (stickers and the after-party are a plus too).

We've already had a Pre-StartupWeekend Bohol Bootcamp last April which you can check out here:

Big thanks to guest speakers Ppip Cimafranca and Ruben Licera. Also to DTI Bohol for being the venue and snacks sponsor.

StartupWeekend Cebu was also gracious enough to let us scootch in on their press launch event sponsored by Global Hub at Ayala Business Park.

Look,Ma! It's me! :D

I mean, if you're a StartupWeekend addict, why not come over for the beach (which is just a 15 minute ride from the city, mind you) or go on a road trip to check out the areas affected by the quake? Who knows? Let us know what you'd like!

Follow us and like our page at: -- Check out our awesome line-up of mentors and judges for the event!

The following is a list of other cities also holding StartupWeekend events on the same date based on the SW website:


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