Saturday, August 30, 2014

Many of us strive to be unique these days. From coloring our hair, to getting a tattoo that didn't work out so well or even wearing that same black hoodie you wore yesterdays just because it's your "signature shirt" (like you're some anime character pfft). And it's pretty damn hard. No wonder everyone in the creative industry in this century kill themselves off. Everything you can think of today, has already been done. And to add insult to injury, it's been done better!

Chad Manzo at TEDx University of San Carlos

Chad Manzo, art director of SCARS and speaker at the recent TEDx University of San Carlos at the Talamban Campus, shares that due to our desperation to be so badly unique, we lose sight of the essence and solid point of our identity. We choose this bent sense of "uniqueness" over true content. "Screenagers", he refers to our generation, are mallabe to the false propaganda around them. Just how shallow have we become? Being entertained my corny jokes and having personalities be forced to do something "unique" that doesn't really make sense but "the people love it" so they go on ahead and do it anyway, I mean, what's the point in that? What are you getting out of these desperate attempts of uniqueness? These "viral videos" and "trending posts" don't always hold the right idea. Have you ever thought of their deeper back stories? Like this video taken at Robinson's about guards not letting a disabled man go in the mall. Sure, it looks bad on camera but wait 'till you read the rest of that article. Was the situation really as bad as we make it out to be?

I've noticed that we no longer look for the deeper meaning of things due to the lack of valuable content either the media or just the society around us expose us to. Have you even tried to pop that bubble?
"What is the truth in a world full of lies?" 
I honestly didn't find Mr. Manzo's talk that empowering but I loved the idea that he presented to us and the challenge he posed to our generation of "Screenagers". Be unique to Innovate. Innovate because you want Growth and Realness, not to seek attention nor for some sort of validation but to be able to leave a Legacy. The kind of legacy that will "find the truth and passion to grow and to have the chance to advance humanity".


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