Sunday, August 31, 2014

My family and I love food. Yes, some of us may be picky and some of us may want our rice and meat served separately, but we indulge in the delicious blessing of being able to eat good food as much as we can. It has always been Shakey's that we go look for when we visit big cities, though, specifically the one in SM Cebu near Northwing since that was the first branch we ate at a few years ago.

The Shakey's Branch at SM Cebu my family and I fancy (Photo © Amuse-Bouche)

Naturally, we still visit other restaurants to keep exploring and to try out new dishes so sometimes, we choose those restaurants instead of Shakey's, but my point being, the number of times that we have eaten at Shakey's would probably be greater than the fingers on both your hands and here's why:

1) Their Chocolate Shake is to die for - That was typically number one on my list. When that first drip of liquidy chocolate goodness touched my taste buds, I was on high (not literally). It was like ice cream and chocolate but better. Every time we eat at Shakey's, that order has to be on the list. There was one time they ran out of stock for it since it was near closing time when we came in, I felt so dejected that we left and ordered takeout instead (Sorry, Shakey's).

2) Mojos make my jojos - What are mojos, my friends may ask? They're coins of heaven graced down to us mortals by the potato gods. This is my second favorite order but I can live without it.

3) Awesome budget meals - It's like they have plans for everything at reasonable prices and a very decent servings. I had lunch with team Symph at Shakey's, there were about twenty-eight of us, by the way, and we had a full meal and even some leftovers for everyone at a good four thousand something pesos! (plus I got to use my Shakey's super card which was awesome)

4) Friendly staff and quick quality service - Granted, it only happened once that we had to wait for our pizza for about two hours but they gave us a complimentary banana split to make up for it so to me, it was good. Other than that, you'd usually just have to wait five to ten minutes tops before your orders start flying in. Staff always greet you with a smile and make sure their guests are comfortable. There was this one time in the Shakey's branch at Cebu IT Park that the waiter went out of his way to just freaking open the door for me before I entered and that really made me remember why I loved the restaurant so much.

5) Succulent chicken and clean tables are sexy - Yeah, that was a weird title but so true! Their chicken doesn't taste as good if it's a day old and microwaved though so I go against that. You're destroying the experience! Sitting in one of those Shakey's tables that stable (not wobbly unlike my experience in The Brown Cup), comfortable enough and, most importantly, very clean (as far as my experience is concerned) sets the mood just right.


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