Sunday, September 14, 2014

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TEDx University of San Carlos 2014

It being my first time inside my university's sister school and possibly my younger sister's future college got me excited. The property was bigger than I expected, the USC Talamban campus, and it was a surprise that the shuttle had to cross a few hills to get to the TEDx Venue.

Outside the CAFA Theatre with the very pretty mural

The event was a USC student-only event so I considered myself very lucky to have been able to attend at all. Dalareich, a good friend from Bohol, in all her famousness and glory, got an invite from one of the speakers at the event to be one of her guests. Unfortunately, she had an important meeting to attend to so she declined the offer. Me, being the nosy no-shame friend, jumped at the opportunity when she mentioned me in their conversation. (Thank you, Dal, I love you haha)

Dalareich is a 

The registration table outside the CAFA theatre was very lively with free donuts and sodas for the student attendees of the TEDx event. I was honestly very nervous about going there, the only communication between me and ma'am Jenny being the Facebook comments so the possibility of my attendance being counted for sure was very slim. But luckily, Ms. Jenny was as nice as I imagined her to be and prepared an envelope with my name and another guest's containing our tickets. One of the nice organizers, Shedwin, handed me the envelope and entrance to the event was hassle-free.

My TEDxUSanCarlos ID and Guest Ticket

Entrance to the theatre vie the "Guest Lane"

The "Student Lane" was next to us since the Guests and Students were made to form separate lines. I assumed we would get to enter the event first since we were "Guests" and therefore "Special" but we were instead made to enter last after the long line of students. That's what we get for being freeloaders.

The TEDxUSanCarlos stage

The organizers did very well on this, the stage looked awesome, after two years of watching TED videos, I practically fangirled seeing the 3D TED statue-thing in the backdrop and not to mention the media coverage with livestreams and actual HD video cameras like what. (The concept of the Butterfly effect was genius, too. Red more about it in their website)

Gordon Allan Joseph

Overall, the event was an amazing first TED event for me and I'm sure everyone in the room learned a little bit about everything that afternoon. I'd attend one again (or organize one myself) in a heartbeat so hats off to the University of San Carlos people who made this all happen!

Reviews of some talks and my opinions:
Success doesn't choose a gender


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