Saturday, November 8, 2014

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Nosy PUV Drivers

I never start a conversation with a tricycle or taxi driver unless I have to. Asking for directions or the history of a certain place is the first thing that'll lead me to a conversation with them if I initiate it. I also don't mind them wanting to talk to me about the weather or some political views and what not on the fly. But when they start leaning in, asking questions if I'm Chinese or Korean, which family I belong to and where I go to school, that's it, I'm done, you have crossed the line there, pal.

Granted, my reaction to the situation, when presented, weren't at all the best. Sometimes I end up answering everything reluctantly and sometimes I lie horribly but still reply. I always keep reminding myself,

"It's OKAY to stay quiet."
, or even blatantly just cut the ride short and pay whatever he's asking for so you don't have to put up with his obnoxious questioning.

Public Utility Vehicle

This is just a random picture of a tricycle that I took for explanation's sake. I have nothing against this one in particular. 

Not only is the gesture so totally in-your-face and disturbing, but also the fact that asking a stranger for their personal information on the fly is just downright creepy. Sometimes they even have this crazy eye look and unexplained assertiveness that just makes you feel harassed.

I'm not saying that everyone should be a total snob to these people because, face it, most of them don't have it easy. I personally always make it a point to be polite.

Simply replying to their small questions and statements come a long way for them, especially the older drivers, which is really nice. I've heard a lot of good stories from them especially about their life experiences and a few gossips here and there which is always a fun way to kill the time and even made my day once.

But basically what I'm saying is, it irks me that some drivers intentionally or unintentionally harass you with a lot of personal questions and it also irks me that the way I handle the situation isn't always the best so if anyone has a link or post that can address this problem, please send it over.


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