Sunday, February 22, 2015

I honestly have no recollection about how I met Alexis but I know it was through her partner, Cyril, who was an old classmate of mine. She was already mildly popular at my college when she performed a few numbers in some events featuring her signature Justin Bieber voice with Cyril's badass acoustics so when she was performing live at a booth near where my friend Clint and I were lounging about, we just had to take a video of her knowing of the possibility of it going viral.

True enough, two years later, she's on national TV and getting a bunch of offers to perform at JB fan events in other cities. Her talent, partnered with Cyril's skill and support, got a lot of traction in the city and she's made quite a name for herself as the "Justin Bieber of Bohol". We shot a music video of her with the help of my videographer friend, Ray-an, a year after the hit of the first video, which in turn, was also featured, abeit really quickly, on her feature on TV.

The pair eventually took on the name JAM-C and are looking for more opportunities to show their talents. 

justin bieber of bohol

It was really heart warming to see a lot of positive feedback from local supporters in both her videos, the best thing being most of them from the Visayas. I wouldn't really say the video has gone "viral" enough, views currently being only 300k, but it made me happy to see local media, viewers and freelancers jump at the chance to help promote local talent. I know JAM-C still has a long hard path to stardom, identifying their uniqueness in the industry being the most important and difficult challenge, but it makes me proud to see them work hard so far to get to this point. To see more of their videos, drop by their YouTube channel and leave a like to show some love.


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