Friday, March 6, 2015

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Baji Art Exhibit 2015: "Ang Pangutana ni Inday"

The Baji Art Collective is an all-Boholana, all-genre, multi-arts alliance. *
All of it's members are Boholanas who are either based in Bohol or have lived in Bohol for a certain amount of time. I was fortunate enough to have been friends with Dalareich  as she was invited by one of the Baji members, Atty. Alma Aparece, to see the exhibit so I got to tag along.

bohol art exhibit
(photo © Dal)

My first thought as I entered the exhibit area was that Bohol really needs a gallery because the lighting in the space does not do the art displayed justice. On a better note, the exhibit organizers did a great job with curating the works displayed and stepped the experience up a notch by having someone walk with you as you view the works to explain the artist's intention and feelings as they made the artwork. I was fortunate enough to be paired with Rain Calimbayan, whose photographic works were also featured in the exhibit.

The works on display range from traditional paintings, digital paintings, photographs, collages, prints, sculptures and much more. It was an interesting experience for me as I was able to delve into the mind of an artist through their medium of choice and the intention they wanted to portray through their work. I do consider myself as somewhat of an artist, but I have yet to seriously explore other mediums than digital art which made the experience all the more thrilling considering my sister will soon be in the ranks of these talents in the near future.

bohol art exhibit

One of the more thought-provoking pieces for me was the painting in the far right of the picture above entitled "Pretty Flowers" by Vide Tirol de Juan. Why, can one wonder, is it that the woman's reproductive organ is often described as a "flower" in most literary works? Why, of all things, a flower? Is because of how precious it is? Of how beautiful it becomes as it blossoms? You tell me.

These works are best experienced in person as seen below. I've also included a brief description for each to tickle your fancy.

bohol art exhibit
A painting that describes the capabilities of a woman today.

bohol art exhibit
Sculpted by the artist to portray her life so far and her dreams for the future.

bohol art exhibit
Artwork painted and embellished by hand on to this reused shirt.

Individual style holds such importance in all industries today and creativity plays a critical role in that. As art is treated as an "extra" in the Filipino culture today, and most especially Bohol, I urge young artists, art enthusiasts and even those that need a push of color into their weekly routines to come and visit the exhibit at the University of Bohol and witness the grandeur and stories of these works face-to-face. It will be open for as long as the school is and it will be ongoing until the 20th of March. (Men are welcome to view, of course haha)

bohol art exhibit

All Boholanas are welcome to join Baji. You can submit your artwork, meet the members and attend their events for free and all you have to do is to commit your time and talent to these lively group of empowered women. Click here to visit their Facebook Page for more information.


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