Monday, May 18, 2015

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Behance Portfolio Review Cebu 2015

I still can't get over the fact that the venue had such grandiose Buddhist statues. It felt like I was desecrating the place the whole time. They even had an idol on a pedestal behind the bar inside. Awkward.

Behance Portfolio Reviews are volunteer-run events that highlight the local art scene. They invite established speakers and panelists to facilitate the reviews that are usually done by freelancers or students. A notable artist I recognized in the panel was !nodoro, whose work I first saw at GraphiCon Davao 3. Speakers included reputable companies like Happy Garaje who is responsible for branding Geeks On A Beach.

Portfolio reviews are put into divisions: Illustration, Photography and Graphic Design. Each have their own set of panelists as they have their own set of participants. Submissions are shortlisted down to thirty participants in total. These participants are then required to prepare a presentation of their best (or worst) works to show to the judges for their feedback. 

What I love most about this is that it isn't a competition; just a pure give-and-take learning session between the pros and soon-to-be pros, which is great!

My most favorite part of the whole event was that they had an Art Market!

I literally artgasmed with all the stuff for sale and spent over a thousand on everything that I bought; which isn't much at all for hand-made art.

The first stall I popped over to was by Idiosyncratic Crafts. They specialize in cross-stitch, calligraphy and a whimsy style that i really like. Their notebooks were pretty cute too! Especially with the witty and sassy quotes stitched on them.

The next stall I checked out was from Thimblecap. She specialized in custom pouches and wallets with screen printed designs on them which was really cute. I bought a clutch from her collection.

And the last one was by Bad Blood Collective an all-girl art group based in Cebu. They have beautiful illustrations and OMG MY OTP - ahem. Sorry my inner weeaboo just slipped. They have really cool stuff.

All in all I really enjoyed myself at the event. It went on for two days with half of the portfolio reviews happening in day one and the other half on day two. I honestly didn't stay long during the review sessions and opted to hang around the art market and surround myself with good company and buy myself some good art pieces. It was a day well spent. Literally.

Can't wait for the next one!


  1. This was the event my sister kept on babbling about. Glad I stumbled to your blog and this post. I want those custom pouches and wallets! Looks like it was really artsy-fun :)

    1. Support local artists! haha I'm glad you like my cover of the event. This happens yearly, presumably. Let's give these artists some love by dropping by their stalls and seeing what they have for sale. Who knows? Maybe you and I could bump into each other!

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