Tuesday, June 23, 2015


An Adventure Through Kingdoms And Realms

handmade notebooks

I'm a techie. Sure. Always have and always will be. But I also do art; most of the time my work forces me to marry the strangely different yet undoubtedly inseparable concepts, which is both strange and thrilling for me as a practitioner of both principles.

Needless to say it is that fascination with creativity and technology that lead me to pursue the dreams I have to day and it is also the very reason I am where I am in the first place. Along with that fascination, the interest in business and finance came to me in a rush. With my involvement in the startup community, it was inevitable that I came up with the craziest ideas, surrounded by some of the country's craziest people (I mean that in the best ways).


So, here I am, with a co-worker and her boyfriend running a crafts startup together. I know. I didn't expect it either. I mean, who would have thought I was the one that was the third wheel all this time I'm just kidding, I love you guys and I totally ship you with each other.

In all seriousness though, the fact that I am helping run a business at this time, with these people, and in this industry is still a pleasant surprise for me and was completely unexpected. I am enjoying the whole process, mind you, and wouldn't trade these experiences and relationships for the world but WOW a crafts startup, who would've thought!

Anyways, with that said, I bet you're wondering what this "crafts startup" really is. Well, to put it simply, it's suw(h)at.

handmade notebooks

We sell handmade notebooks, to put it frankly. At the moment, the brand is catering to the needs of individuals that would like to express themselves better through the different pop culture trends they relate the most with. Every month is a new theme for the brand. For instance, this month is Game of Thrones. Promos and discounts come and go that relate to this theme. Next month will be a different set of designs and so on and so forth.

As the brand developed, we continued to notice a peculiar thing from our customers. An observation that will be shared in a future post from me that will also tackle the many other lessons I have come across working as the brand's marketing and public relations lead.

Everything is handmade from the binding to the covers. At the moment we're only doing Cebu City meetups as the whole process is still fairly new to us and we wanted to get the basics down pat before we reach out to our national market. Considering it's been around three weeks of operation still, and we're all beginners, I think the decision was called for. We're not staying this way for long though as we have big plans in the upcoming months.

Other than the fandom-based notebooks, we're looking to further specifying our main product to those found in the first photo. But that explanation and big reveal can come with that future post I was talking about earlier.

We've been doing good so far but we'll never know what next month holds, or the next, and the next, and the month after that; you get my drift. All that to say though is that after all the businesses I thought I'd be helping run this whole time, a crafts startup wasn't even on my list. But here I am and here we are. Life really is an adventure through kingdoms and realms and I am loving every step of it.


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