Monday, July 20, 2015

Bohol Bloggers Debut at Electro Circuit 2015

electro circuit 2015

The Sandugo Fest is being celebrated in Tagbilaran City, Bohol this July 21 - 26 with different attractions within the city. A Young Entrepreneur's Talk, Maker's Fair, El Gamma Penumbra Shows, and this one: the Electro Circuit.

Bohol Bloggers' Society, being as young as it is (along with its members) wanted to be a part of the celebration. We started hashing ideas out through our Facebook group and one of the bloggers, Deejay, told us he had contacts of the organizers of the EDM event on the 24th.

electro circuit 2015
photo © tarsiertimes

We were fortunate enough that the organizers of this event were as accommodating as they were and worked with us to tailor a good proposal for the event. I was pleasantly impressed at the amount of enthusiasm the bloggers, and the organizers, displayed considering our numbers.

Being organized by such awesome people, the Electro Circuit is excited to have the young (and feeling young) of Bohol and anyone who wants to party and celebrate with them at the event on July 24 at the Crabhouse by the Bay (the link covers the 2014 event).

Tickets are 200 php with a free bacardi. Bohol Bloggers' Society will be doing the photo and video coverage of the event, plus the traditional blogposts of how everything's going to go. Everyone is welcome, from our foreign friends, to the young professionals! So come on and let it all out at the Sandugo Electro Circuit!

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