Monday, September 9, 2013

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Google MapUp-Tagbilaran: Niceness of Boholanos

bohol IT event
DTI Office, 2nd floor, FCB building near Cogon

Attended my first Google Mapup Evenat last September 3, 2013 which was held at the above mentioned office. It was really fun with Ruben and Dal  facilitating it all. Most of us were able to map out 20 or so places within the city. We also got some free shirts and stickers. Yey!

We also got to eat out at Gerarda's, a small restaurant by the roadside with awesome food, great service and a very relaxing and homey atmosphere. Definitely worth checking out.

bohol IT event
Gerarda's, Torralba St., Tagbilaran City

We also had a little drama on the way there. Ruben forgot his trolley bag (with a laptop and some money in it) at the back of the tricycle (three-wheeled public transpo common here in Bohol) he was on. It already drove away by the time he realized it. The table was so tense within the first hour with everyone breaking into teams and left to try and track down the vehicle. We reported it to the local radio station and authorities but nothing. The guys who left came back empty-handed too so all we could do was sit down and eat the food that was served. Ruben was so chill about everything saying,
"There's always a reason why you lose something. It's either somebody else needs that thing more than you do, or it will be returned to you tenfold."
Coincidentally, the tricycle driver himself came knocking on the restaurant door to return the bag! We were all "Yeeeeeey" and continued lunch on a happier note. Ruben and Dal got the driver's details while I didn't. I'm sure they'll post around about it somehow. All I got was his vehicle's serial number: 0829. Kudos to you, good sir! Hopefully, MapUp events in the future will still be this pleasantly thrilling.


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